• Help you put together an offer to rent business premises and advise on negotiation techniques to get the best deal
  • Comment on the draft ‘heads of terms’ prepared by or on behalf of the Landlord
  • Review the new commercial lease and report to you explaining any risks arising from its terms together with recommending amendments to protect you as tenant
  • If your current lease is coming to an end we can take you through the renewal process and also your legal rights if the landlord does not wish to grant a new lease
  • Advise you on the process for making a formal application to your landlord for example consent to transfer the lease or carry out alterations
  • Point out any options for negotiating better terms or for bringing the lease to an end
  • Give you an opinion in relation to disputes with your landlord

All of our legal services are carried out for a fixed fee agreed at the start of the job. See our fees section